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This new service offered by Bertani Trasporti S.p.A. will make a series of information packages available, designed to improve the data exchange relationship with partner companies in order to increase the efficiency of both.

Customer Delivery spare parts (Customer)
frecciaSystem for detailed analisis of spare parts
Spare parts delivery analysis
User manual for spare parts delivery analisis

frecciaSystem for detailed analisis of returns
Returns delivery analisis
User manual for returns recovery analisis

Customer Delivery spare parts (Dealer)
frecciaGenerates label for returns recovery
Returns recovery labels
User manual for return recovery

Internal sctivities for Bertani
frecciaOwn activity for generates carrier labels
Carrier label

frecciaOwn acticty for returns management
Returns management

frecciaWarehouse Picking
Warehouse Picking

Damages documents
frecciaPictures of transport damages
Damages documents

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